Were You Accused of a White Collar Crime?

If you face serious white collar crime charges in Northeast Ohio, your liberties and livelihood are at risk: your business, business reputation, professional license, and status as elected or appointed public official could be at stake.

And the punishments are life-changing if you are convicted — jail or prison time, substantial fines, a criminal record as a felon, separation from your family, possible loss of control of your corporation and strict parole conditions upon your release.

Act now to ensure that your rights are protected. The Elyria criminal defense lawyers of Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA protect those rights from the moment you realize you are being investigated. We use our more than 100 years of combined experience, extensive backgrounds as prosecutors and command of the inner workings of criminal courts to safeguard your interests.

In any criminal case, we are your responsive neighborhood law firm, dedicated to restoring your freedoms and future.

Look to Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz attorneys to provide personalized approaches to your unique legal concerns, in and out of court, when you face serious white collar crime charges such as:

  • Fraud — bank, wire, mail, health care, Medicare/Medicaid, mortgage, real estate, securities, tax, business, business opportunity, accounting, computer and internet
  • RICO violations
  • Racketeering
  • Money laundering
  • Extortion
  • Embezzlement
  • Conspiracy
  • Public corruption

White collar fraud cases at the state and federal levels can be extremely complex to execute. You are up against the well-financed influence of authorities who often spend a year or more investigating charges before filing them. You should be in touch with one of our Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz white collar crime lawyers as soon as you suspect you are being investigated or have been requested to appear before a grand jury. The sooner we are retained to represent you, the sooner we can advocate and negotiate for you in order to avoid a trial.

For an initial consultation with one of our skilled, client-focused Elyria white collar crime attorneys, contact our law offices toll free from wherever you are in Northeast Ohio. 888-506-0340. We respond promptly to your email message.