Regaining Your Right to Bear Arms After a Felony Conviction

A conviction for a felony in Ohio has ramifications far beyond the sentence you may serve behind bars. You may lose your eligibility for government assistance, professional licensing and voting privileges. You may also lose your right to use, purchase, own or carry a firearm. If owning a weapon is important to you, this prohibition due to your felony conviction may be especially difficult.

However, depending on your circumstances, you may qualify to seek relief from this civil disability. Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA has worked to restore the gun rights of many in Elyria who have completed their sentences and are committed to avoiding future legal trouble.

Are You Ready to Seek Restoration of Your Gun Rights?

You can apply to regain your Second Amendment rights following the conviction of certain felonies after you satisfy these requirements:

  • You have completed your sentence of incarceration, parole, post-release or community control.
  • Your conviction was not for a charge of domestic violence.
  • You do not have multiple felony convictions for violent crimes in your recent past.
  • You are not currently subject to an order of protection.
  • You do not have any other prohibition against your gun rights, for example federal disabilities.

Without the restoration of your firearms rights, you cannot enjoy the same privileges as other citizens such as hunting or protecting your family. Violating the prohibitions on your gun rights means risking additional felony charges and further penalties. Why take this chance when you can have the assistance of a lawyer to take you through the process of potentially getting out from under disability?

Let Our Experience Guide You

If your gun rights are important to you, don’t jeopardize losing them forever. Our attorneys have decades of experience in this area of law, and we are fully committed to helping you every step of the way. We will begin with a thorough evaluation of your case to determine your eligibility, guide you through the application process and represent your interests before the Common Pleas Court.

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