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Never ignore the many signs of drowsy driving

When you get behind the wheel of your car, it's important that you feel your best. If you're drowsy for any reason, such as a lack of sleep the night before, it's better to wake up before you hit the road.

It's critical that you never ignore the many signs of drowsy driving, as doing so could lead you to fall asleep at the wheel. And if this happens, you are almost guaranteed of being part of a motor vehicle accident.

Dirty car stop violates driver’s rights

Last month, an Ohio state trooper faced rebuke for stopping a car by claiming it was dirty. The Ohio Court of Appeals found that there was no legitimate reason for the stop, which happened in 2015. The trooper stated that the car was suspiciously dirty and fingerprints on the trunk looked unusual.

Visitation disputes: Utilizing a parental coordinator in Ohio

You and your spouse decided to divorce, but your visitation schedule does not work for you. Whether you worry about the lack of time spent with your children, whether your spouse does not pick-up or drop-off your children in a timely manner or you feel as though you deserve more schedule flexibility, you want to dispute against your current visitation plan.

In Ohio, instead of heading to costly court proceedings, you can settle visitation disagreements without the presence of a judge. Though a process called parental coordination, you and your ex-spouse can use another individual’s expertise to determine a new arrangement that proves fair and in the best interest of your children. Although hiring an attorney to resolve a visitation dispute may prove necessary in many divorce cases, if you and your ex-spouse hope to save time and money, collaboration with a parental coordinator may constitute a valuable option.

5 habits that can kill co-parenting

No one ever said that co-parenting is easy. In fact, it can be downright difficult at times. You hope to move on from your spouse after your divorce, but soon realize that co-parenting means you have to remain in communication with one another.

While it's challenging, always remember that you're doing it for your children.

Ohio cracking down on distracted driving

Distracted driving has been the focus of many departments of motor vehicles across the country, with a huge emphasis on texting and driving. However, thanks to a new law, all kinds of driving distractions will be monitored in Ohio.

Starting in late October, the state’s texting-and-driving ban will be expanded to include any form of distracted driving. It is a secondary offense, which means that if police pull over a motorist for a traffic violation they can add an additional ticket if a driving distraction contributed to the primary offense. Penalties for an offense include a fine up to $100 or attending a distracted driving course.

Are you ready to tackle these fall driving risks?

The fall season in the state of Ohio is beautiful on many fronts. From the changing leaves to the cooler weather, you're sure to enjoy these few months.

If you find yourself driving during the fall season, you'll need to adjust your approach on the road. There are many unique risks, all of which you need to account for.

  • Heavy rain. The fall months are known to be rainy, so make sure your driving style changes when the rain begins to fall.
  • Back-to-school traffic. You can expect there to be more traffic on the road, as well as school-aged children walking and riding their bikes.
  • Wet leaves. When wet leaves cake the roadways, you need to watch yourself. For example, hard braking on wet leaves can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
  • Fog. This is a common condition during the early morning hours. Dense fog reduces visibility, so slow down and use your headlights (but not your high beams).
  • Deer. The fall season is when deer activity picks up. It doesn't matter if you're on the highway or a back-country road, watch for deer that may dart in front of your vehicle.

Ask yourself these questions about rush-hour driving

There is nothing more frustrating than starting your day with a long trip through rush-hour traffic. Just the same, ending your day with this experience can make you miserable. Even though it's not ideal, it's a part of everyday life for many people.

If you find yourself constantly driving in rush-hour traffic, you need to answer a few questions to ensure that you remain as safe as possible.

  • Are you leaving yourself enough time? If you don't do this, you could find yourself in a rush, which increases your chance of making a mistake.
  • Have you considered another route? There's no point in driving through the same traffic every day if there's a better option.
  • Are you following too closely? Even when traffic is moving slowly, you don't want to follow other vehicles too closely, as it gives you less time to stop.
  • Are you constantly moving from lane to lane? You may think this is a good way to make up time, but it actually increases the risk of an accident. Pick your lane and stay in it until it's time to turn or exit.

Will you get the family home in a divorce?

As you ponder divorce, you're sure to have many questions regarding the property division process. Even if you have a lot of assets, many individuals immediately focus on trying to retain the family home.

Will you get to stay in the family home? If not, what will happen to it and — perhaps most importantly — where will you live?

A DUI doesn’t have to cost your future

From the time we’re young, we’re made to pay consequences for mistakes as a way to instill better decision making in the future. While we make fewer mistakes as adults, the consequences are often much more severe.

In exchange for a driver’s license, we agree to obey certain rules of the road. But even adults make bad decisions. Sometimes the bad decision was yours, sometimes you are impacted by someone else’s bad decision. Either way, if faced with your first DUI, the consequences are so severe that it’s worth a fight.

A property division checklist will act as your guide

When you decide to divorce, you should come to grips with the fact that you aren't able to keep all the assets you accumulated during your marriage. Instead, these will be divided between you and your ex-spouse.

Since this can be a sticking point of any divorce, you need to get organized and remain organized to ensure that the process progresses as smoothly as possible. One of the many ways of doing so is by creating a property division checklist.

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