Defending You From Ohio Drug Charges

For drug possession and drug trafficking defenses that get results, in and out of court, look to the battle-tested Elyria criminal defense attorneys of Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA to aggressively protect your rights.

We are your responsive neighborhood law firm well-known for its personalized approaches to a client’s legal concerns, substantial backgrounds as prosecutors and magistrates, broad knowledge of our state’s criminal court system and attentive personal service that puts you first. Our criminal defense lawyers use their more than 100 years of combined experience to investigate thoroughly, negotiate skillfully and litigate forcefully on your behalf.

At Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA, we know what’s at stake in your drug crime trial. You face harsh punishments if convicted: lengthy jail or prison time, heavy fines, a criminal record as a felon, and strict probation or parole conditions upon your release. You would surrender rights that many of us take for granted and suffer damage to your personal reputation, employment prospects and housing opportunities. With your freedoms and future at risk, we work hard to provide quality, client-focused, comprehensive representation, start to finish.

Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA attorneys safeguard your interests against drug crime charges such as:

  • Possession and distribution of marijuana, cocaine and heroin
  • Trafficking
  • Sale and delivery
  • Cultivation and importation of medical marijuana
  • Manufacture of drugs such as methamphetamine
  • Party drugs such as ecstasy
  • Illegally obtained prescription drugs such as OxyContin, hydrocodone and Vicodin
  • Drug paraphernalia

We strive to suppress evidence when detecting any sign that your arrest for a drug crime included illegal search and seizure of items in your home, on your person or in your motor vehicle. We explore every avenue that could lead to reduction or outright dismissal of your charges.

Contact our experienced Elyria drug offense lawyers today to arrange your free initial consultation. Call Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA toll free at 888-506-0340 or email us. We can speak with you at a police station or jail after an arrest if necessary.