Protecting Your Pension After Your Divorce

Divorce will signal many significant changes in your life and your finances are no exception. During this time of transition and upheaval, our attorneys will work hard to shield both your immediate financial needs, as well as your future interests.

The end of your marriage does not have to mean the end of your retirement dreams. The team at the Ohio law office of Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA can help you navigate complex matters related to property division, including pension, IRA and 401(k) plans.

We Will Work to Keep Your Future Secure

Our Elyria lawyers will work diligently to secure an agreement that allows you to leave the marriage with the same assets you had when you entered the marriage. However, dividing pensions and long-term savings accumulated over the course of the marriage can be difficult. You have a right to a portion of all marital assets, including the money saved and set aside for your golden years.

How the division of a retirement account will work depends on the type of account. In most cases, dividing a retirement savings account will require a qualified domestic relations order. This is a court order that allows an alternate payee, such as an ex-spouse, to receive money from a retirement account. The details of your property division order or negotiated agreement will determine the QDRO. Dealing with QDROs is a complex process, but our experienced team can walk with you through every step.

Do Not Delay Your Financial Interests are at Stake

There is a lot on the line in a divorce, including your plans for retirement. You do not have to take a chance on a less-than-ideal property division agreement, but we can help you pursue a strong post-divorce future even before you file papers.

We are ready to discuss your pension and your interests. You can set up your appointment for a free initial case evaluation by calling our attorneys at 440-328-4574, or contacting us online.