Domestic Violence and Divorce

Living in an abusive relationship can be a frightening experience. So can being falsely accused of spousal abuse. In either case, the guidance of an experienced lawyer can be helpful in ending your worry and fear, and helping you move forward with your life in a healthy and safe manner.

At Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA, our Elyria, Ohio, domestic violence attorneys take great care to provide supportive representation to clients with various domestic violence concerns. Whether you are undergoing a divorce and need assistance protecting yourself from physical abuse, fear that your children are being exposed to abuse, or have been falsely accused of abuse, we have the experience needed to help you seek protection and favorable resolutions.

Protecting Yourself and Your Children From an Abusive Situation

We provide assistance to victims of abuse and to clients fearing that their children may be exposed to abuse by a former spouse. To help you end your fear, we offer assistance filing an order of protection or restraining order that is designed to limit the interaction your abuser can have with you.

In situations involving your children’s safety, we work diligently to help you prove the need for your children’s protection to the court and pursue supervised visitation or even termination of contact, eliminating the possibility of your children sustaining physical harm at the hands of an abusive former spouse or the significant other of your former spouse.

Combating Fraudulent Family Violence Claims

An unfortunate practice in many divorce proceedings, fraudulent domestic violence claims can dramatically impact your pursuit of a shared parenting arrangement. With experience addressing these issues, we work to help you combat the negative effects a fraudulent claim can have on your custody case, your career and your future.

Our work has given us the insight needed to help you combat the civil and criminal charges stemming from false allegations of abuse and offers us the ability to help you remove restraining orders or orders of protection stemming from a false claim.

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