Protecting Your Financial Interests in Probate Litigation

Is your family being divided by a dispute over a deceased loved one’s last will and testament? Or does the lack of a will threaten to escalate a dispute into costly, lengthy probate proceedings?

When an estate is in dispute over allegations of diminished capacity; mysterious, last-minute changes to a will; or undue influence or concealment of assets, the experienced probate lawyers of Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA in Elyria will work hard to put this crisis behind you.

During our accomplished Northeast Ohio probate attorneys’ more than 100 years of combined experience, we have proven that we understand the law; we understand people; and we know how to formulate and execute personalized approaches to any legal goal.

These solutions are crafted to fit your specific, unique problem — and that is the reason for our reputation as your responsive neighborhood law firm.

Winners in contested probate matters can spend too much money for the victory. Losers can harbor resentment toward family members for years. At Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz, we provide poise and professionalism that locates common ground between the parties, thoroughly researches and investigates, and if necessary, aggressively protects your rights in court in situations such as:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Will contests
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Concealment of assets by an executor
  • Challenges related to closely held family businesses

Forward-looking estate planning can prevent contentious disputes of this kind. When you are ready to discuss your wishes for a will, trust, power of attorney or combination of proactive estate planning tools, we are glad to sit down with you and discuss your objectives.

Contact the Elyria probate litigation attorneys of Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA to arrange your initial consultation. Call toll free at 888-506-0340 or email us. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you, get to know you and safeguard your probate interests in any way we can.