Seeking Restitution for Libel or Slander

One of the liberties you enjoy in this country is the freedom to say most anything you believe. Of course, such a powerful right comes with limits. For example, it is a civil tort, or wrong, to harm someone personally or professionally by publishing lies about them. This can be as wide in scope as untrue statements in a national publication or as personal as false comments on a social media post.

If you have suffered damage to your reputation, your business, your financial opportunities or your well-being because of defamation, our attorneys would like to help you seek justice. The elements of defamation are often difficult to prove, but at Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA, we have extensive experience building strong cases for civil litigation.

What are the Elements of Defamation?

When someone calls you a thief to your face, it is not necessarily defamation. These factors must exist for the courts to consider you a victim of this offense:

  • The statement is public, either broadcast, posted or in some way published.
  • The statement is not true.
  • Publication of the statement caused you injury.
  • The person who made the statement intended it to harm you or neglected to consider that it may cause you harm.

Defamation may be slander, which is spoken, or libel, which is printed.

Defamation and Family Law

Perhaps the most painful way in which defamation can harm you is when a spouse falsely accuses you of domestic abuse to affect the results of a divorce or child custody dispute. Whether the details are spread verbally or through social media, such allegations can have a deep and long-lasting impact, denying you parental rights, causing your employer to question your character and jeopardizing many aspects of your life.

It is the goal of our Elyria lawyers to defend you against defamation that threatens your relationships and your future. Whether you are the victim of defamation of a personal matter, accused of crimes or other wrongdoing, or facing false statements about your business, we can help you determine your options and work toward a positive resolution.

Find Out How We Can Assist You

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