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More than 125 Years of Combined Experience

Elyria Business Litigation Attorneys

Ohio Contract Dispute Lawyers

If a business competitor has overstepped its bounds, infringed on a patent or copyright, threatened your northeast Ohio company's intellectual property or breached a contract — or if instability within your own business has partners and shareholders at each other's throats — you need experienced business litigation advocates in your corner right away.

We are Smith, Illner & Gemelas Co. LPA — versatile business law attorneys who can handle a company's formation, succession, dissolution and the litigation that is necessary when it's time to take a stand. We are well-known for our efficient, effective, personalized approaches to a client's goals — strategies that reflect a business's specific, unique objectives.

For negotiated and litigated resolutions to business disputes or any commercial law matter, contact our Elyria attorneys for an initial consultation.

The lawyers at Smith, Illner & Gemelas bring more than 125 years of combined experience with skillful negotiation and litigation of business disputes stemming from:

  • Contract disputes
  • Tax litigation
  • Claims of unfair competition
  • Allegations of business and securities fraud
  • Severance, noncompete and nondisclosure agreement litigation
  • Partner disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Trademark and patent infringement claims
  • Trade secret and intellectual property disputes
  • Collections
  • Injunctions for immediate relief

While we aggressively advocate for you when commercial litigation is a foregone conclusion, we can also advise you on strategies of risk management and litigation avoidance. We give you straight talk about whether a particular courtroom battle would be worth it. We have your best interests and business future at heart at all times.

At Smith, Illner & Gemelas Co. LPA, we are a responsive neighborhood law firm that is dedicated to your success.

Contact us. Our Elyria business litigation lawyers can speak with you in an initial consultation arranged at this toll free number: 888-506-0340. We give prompt attention to your email message.

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