Ohio departments enforce strict drug crime laws

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You will face severe punishment if you face a conviction for drug crimes in Ohio. Usually, you may pay hefty fines, serve a lengthy jail term, or be put under strict probation if you are released. Consequently, even your employment, housing, reputation, and freedom may be at risk.

Here at Gemelas, Wilson, Merrill & Fritz Co LPA, we know what is at stake in your case. Therefore, we can investigate it and represent you skillfully to protect your rights. Our duty is making sure we professionally prevent any efforts to prove you guilty of the offense.

The Ohio office of the Attorney General is responsible for convicting both street-level and complex drug offense criminals. Through the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the office works with other law enforcement departments to investigate and apprehend drug crime suspects.

To effectively convict drug crime suspects, they use sophisticated technology to collect evidence. For instance, in the past, vehicle tracking devices, phone trackers, photos or videos, ground sensors, and photo imagery have all been in use. With such technological evidence, the chances of conviction are very high.

Besides, BCI has put in place a department specialized in marijuana growing operations. This unit works to eradicate the indoor and outdoor growing of marijuana. The department also uses the latest technology to dismantle methamphetamine labs. They have vehicles equipped with breath sensors, decontamination equipment, safety tools, and sampling gear.

The BCI typically supports the Office of the Attorney general to fight drug crimes in Ohio. For those apprehended for such crimes, harsh charges may be inevitable, depending on the circumstances.