When should you start your business succession plan?

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Business owners in Ohio have a lot on their plate when starting out. You must come up with a company name, pick a structure, and decide what you want your business’s future to look like. You also have to deal with the legalities. Among this havoc, you may think you do not have time to consider crafting a business succession plan. But you should. 

The best time to create your business succession plan is at the very start of your business. Some people believe you can wait until you are closer to retirement. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable. It is impossible to foresee how long you will run your business. You may end up suffering from an illness or accident that takes away your ability to run the company. You may find your interests diversifying and want to expand into a different area of business. Instead of taking risks and banking on the idea of retiring at a certain age, prepare in advance. 

It is also important to start your succession plan early because you will want it to be as detailed and foolproof as possible. Ensure that your successor has a strong guideline to work with. Let them know exactly what future you want for your company. Tell them where the wiggle room is and what you do not want changed. Finally, have backup plans in case your chosen successor can no longer take over for whatever reason. 

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