Could a parenting coordinator help your family in divorce?

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For many couples, agreeing about terms for custody is nearly impossible. Parents may argue about every little detail, motivated both by a desire to remain close to their children and a desire to “win” in the divorce. Unfortunately, this kind of approach can make divorce that much more difficult for the children.

Interacting can often provoke strong emotions that don’t necessarily bring out the best in either parent. Especially right after a divorce, emotional strains can lead people to lash out at their ex during custody exchanges or casual discussions.

The more argumentative and contentious parents become, the more stress and strain their children experience. Even if you want to protect your kids, you may not be able to control your feelings when you have to deal with your ex every few days. For some couples divorcing in Ohio, working with a parental coordinator may be a way to help make things easier for them and the kids.

A parental coordinator facilitates smoother shared custody

In the early weeks of your divorce, it may be difficult to have a calm and rational conversation with your ex even about the most simple of family matters. If neither of you want to deal with that stress, a parental coordinator can help arrange everything from custody exchanges to negotiations about sudden changes in plans.

Your parental coordinator will help keep the focus of your negotiations on what is best for the children of the family, which can be difficult for parents when emotions are high. Parental coordinators can also help ensure that both parents understand what would work well for their children. Making custody and parenting decisions based on the needs of the children rather than the feelings of the parents can benefit the entire family in the long run.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for support in a difficult situation

Many couples find themselves facing the unfortunate reality of divorce every year in Ohio. It can be humbling to have to ask for help from other people in dealing with the fallout of the end of your marriage.

However, asking for that help can feel liberating and empowering. When it comes to seeking the help of a parental coordinator, it can also mitigate the worst consequences of divorce on the mental and social health of your children.

If you worry about your ability to negotiate with your ex or focus on the bigger picture during divorce and custody proceedings, a parental coordinator could make all the difference for your family. Getting the help you need now can make moving on and rebuilding your life that much easier.