Defensive driving can keep you safe: Follow these tips

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Defensive driving is extremely important to your well being on the road, as taking this approach can help you safely reach your destination. It may be a change to what you’re used to, but once you understand the finer details of defensive driving you’ll realize it’s for the better.

Here are four tips you can follow to turn yourself into a defensive driving pro:

  • Be aware of other drivers: You should always know what other drivers are doing, including where they are currently positioned and the next move they may make.
  • Assume the other driver isn’t as cautious as you: Despite the fact that most people try to drive safely, don’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Assume that other drivers will make a mistake, as this will prepare you to take action to avoid an accident.
  • Leave more space: At a minimum, leave a two-second space between you and the vehicle in front of you. For enhanced safety, lengthen this out to four seconds.
  • Avoid all distractions: Any distraction, from a cell phone to joking with passengers, greatly increases the risk of an accident. If you have to do anything outside of driving, pull to the side of the road.

There is no guarantee that defensive driving will help you avoid trouble, but it definitely helps.

If a negligent driver causes an accident, move to safety and call for help. It’s important to collect information and evidence, if possible, as this will help you when filing an insurance claim.

Once you have your health in order, you can contact your insurance company and learn more about the best strategy for protecting your legal rights.