Placing trust in your criminal defense attorney

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2019 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

When your freedom and your good name is at stake, it can be hard to trust another person to protect your interests. As criminal defense lawyers, no one knows this better than we do. While we empathize and understand this reaction, we also know that mutual trust and cooperation between an attorney and the defendant is a critical element of creating a solid criminal defense.

If you feel you cannot trust your lawyer, you might be tempted to be less communicative, which could have a negative effect on your entire defense. In the interests of improving your situation if you are facing charges, we offer the following tips to help you trust your chosen attorney.

  • Ask questions about your lawyer’s experience with cases similar to yours
  • Find out how many cases your attorney has won and how many he or she has lost
  • Ask how your lawyer prepares a defense strategy and if he or she is able to conduct an investigation into the details of your case
  • Tell your attorney about any concerns you have regarding your case
  • Pay attention to the responses you receive from your lawyer to determine how committed he or she is to your defense.

It usually takes time to learn how to trust another individual with your life, but time is unfortunately short in many criminal defense cases. Committing yourself to open communication with your attorney is the first step in building trust quickly enough to benefit your case. We invite you to continue learning about criminal defense in Ohio by reading the information published on our firm’s website.