How will you handle credit-card debt in the face of divorce?

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As you stare down the divorce process, you’ll come to find that matters of property division quickly move to the front of your mind. It’s important to focus on this detail, but you should never lose sight of any debt that you share with your spouse.

For example, credit-card debt and divorce don’t mix well. You must have a plan for dealing with this in a timely and effective manner.

Here are five tips to keep in mind as you attempt to manage credit-card debt as it relates to divorce:

  • Do whatever you can to leave your marriage with no joint credit-card debt
  • Plan together to pay off all joint credit cards
  • Divide the debt onto separate credit cards so that both individuals can deal with it however they best see fit
  • Cancel all joint credit cards to ensure that the other person does not continue to use it
  • Keep records regarding charges, breaking down what belongs to you and what belongs to the other person

If you’re still married, consider the benefits of bankruptcy. You may be able to eliminate your credit-card debt, thus removing this potential issue from the divorce process.

You have a lot to think about during divorce, so it’s easy to put credit-card debt out of mind for the time being. If you let this linger for too long, it could cause you trouble as you move into discussions regarding assets and debts.

Dividing credit-card debt can be tricky, so make sure you know your legal rights and have a plan in place to protect them.