Points don’t need to ruin your commercial driving career

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When you are a commercial driver, your livelihood depends on the ability to use your Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Getting a ticket could threaten your capacity to do your job. With the points system in Ohio, this is particularly true. If you are concerned a traffic ticket may threaten your commercial driving career, know you have options.

The points system in Ohio

In Ohio, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) operates on a points system. According to the BMV’s website, if a driver accumulates 12 points in a two-year period he or she faces a six-month suspension. Crossing a divided highway is two points. Improper passing is two points. Driving with headphones on is two points. You do not have to be driving your truck to accrue points. Even if you are driving a personal vehicle, these points could still count against your CDL.

A DUI could prevent you from driving professionally

Even accruing a small number of points may affect your ability to drive a truck. Points on your CDL can increase your insurance rates and could result in fines. Some offenses, like a DUI, may result in a suspension of your commercial license for a year or more. Getting a DUI might also make it nearly impossible for your employer to continue insuring you. Again, this can be true whether you received the DUI while you were driving a commercial truck or your own vehicle. There are even offenses considered so severe that you could lose your license for life.

If you are a commercial driver who received a ticket, you should not just assume you will lose your job. You may have various options to respond to the matter to protect your professional wellbeing. You may consider reaching out to an attorney who is experienced in defending commercial drivers. An attorney can argue on your behalf to try to keep points off your commercial license and safeguard your livelihood.