Have you thought about child support?

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In our last post, we discussed the different responsibilities that parents will have in the wake of a divorce. Taking care of their child — and performing the duties of a parent in an organized and calm manner in light of a divorce — is critical when the marriage ends, so finding a way to live your post-divorce life and take care of your child with your ex in an efficient and effective manner is a must.

Along these same lines, your divorce may involve child support payments and you have to be ready to deal with this matter. If you receive the payments, you should also be aware that child support covers most costs associated with raising your child, even if there are people out there that say the payments are closely monitored and checked.

That last part just isn’t so. Child support can help pay for things like movie tickets if you and your son-daughter want to enjoy an evening out, or if your child needs bus fare to go see friends or to get to school. Child support can also pay for their after-school activities and other extracurricular endeavors.

And then there are the basics of life that child support covers:

  • Ensuring shelter or a roof over your child’s head
  • Paying essential bills, such as food, clothes, and medical expenses (including uninsured costs)
  • Educational fees, such as school supplies, tuition (even for college), and other associated costs

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