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Paternity, Unmarried Custody and Visitation

Elyria, Ohio, Paternity Attorneys

Complicated legal matters relating to your children's well-being can quickly become confusing and frustrating issues, especially when your situation involves questions of paternity. Whether you need assistance proving paternity, or need assistance creating a parenting plan after ending a long term unmarried relationship, the guidance of an experienced lawyer can prove to be invaluable in helping you find resolutions.

With more than 60 years of combined experience, our attorneys at Smith, Illner & Gemelas Co. LPA offer detailed guidance to clients facing paternity, unmarried custody and visitation concerns. Representing unmarried parents throughout the Lorain County area, we strive to help you ensure that your parental rights are upheld regardless of your specific situation.

Detailed Paternity Advice

Our experience allows us to offer detailed guidance during the process of establishing paternity, as well as administrative establishment of paternity in Ohio. Representing mothers and fathers alike, we strive to help you obtain the legal information you need to ensure that your parental rights are adhered to both now and in the future.

Once paternity is established, we provide assistance during the establishment of a child custody, child support and visitation arrangement. Our experience and knowledge of Ohio paternity and child support guidelines allows us to offer assistance in several complex situations, including those in which the mother or father wishes to pursue child support arrears dating back to the birth of the child.

Advising Unmarried Couples

We offer insightful guidance to unmarried couples interested in creating child custody and visitation arrangements. Whether you wish to negotiate an amicable arrangement or feel that court intervention is required to resolve a heated dispute, we strive to help you find resolutions as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Contact our office online or call 440-328-4574 or toll free 888-506-0340 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific paternity, unmarried custody and visitation concerns.

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